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Why "Millie's" Vets?

Quite simply, the practice is called this because our head Vet and practice owner, James’ first dog was called Millie!
James graduated back in 2001 and his first job was at a local practice called Rogers, Brock and Barker. James had known this practice for as long as he could remember, as they had been the practice which looked after his parents farm animals. So, when he graduated from Veterinary school, it seemed natural to take up a job with that practice…
It wasn’t many weeks later that a young dog was brought in as a stray, having been in a road traffic accident involving not one, but two cars! The on call Vets attended to this dog’s needs over the course of the next few days, but the following weekend, James offered to take the pup home to continue her nursing care. Her injuries included a broken back leg, several broken ribs and a haemothorax. Gradually, the pup gained confidence as she slowly got better, yet no owner ever came forward to claim her.
What started as a weekend of living with James, became nearly 16 years! Millie was such a loving companion for those 16 years and sadly crossed rainbow bridge, with her dads by her side, at home on 8th October 2016.
James always vowed that if he ever opened another practice, that he would name it after Millie. And now, here we are!

In memory of a faithful friend and companion