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Millie's Health Care Plans

We all know the value and benefit of keeping our pets happy and healthy and this is why we want to help with the cost of routine preventative healthcare for your pet.

At Millie’s, we have created our own Health Care Plans to help deliver preventative treatments and benefits for dogs and cats, all at discounted prices.

With two payment options available, we've made it easier for you to choose the plan that's best suited for you.

What's included?

Annual Vaccinations & Health Check

Including Feline Leukemia Virus for cats & Kennel Cough for dogs

Year-round Parasite Control

6 Monthly Vet Health Check

4 Nail Clips with a Registered Veterinary Nurse

Annual Urine Screening Test

10% Off Consultation Fees

Microchipping Or A £10 Discount On Pet Food

How much does it cost?

Dogs <20kg£20.00£228.00*
Dogs 20-40kg£23.00£264.00*
Dogs >40kg£25.00£288.00*
*If choosing the annual option, you will receive a £1.00 per month discount

The cost of our Health Care Plans are reviewed annually, and our next price review is due in May 2025.

Please note that dog prices are based on a puppy’s expected adult weight. To determine expected weight for pedigree dogs please click here.